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Search Engine Marketing
by Old Welsh Guy

Umbrella Consultancy is the home of Old Welsh Guy (That’s me) an Internet marketing Guy specialising in SEO, based in Wales in the UK, but providing Internet Marketing services to businesses throughout the world.


Old Welsh Guy On The BBC

This is me appearing on the BBC as their Google expert. I have to admit to being a little bit rabbit in the headlights at first, but I was sat in a newsroom staring at a camera, with people chattering away in my ear piece. We got there in the end though, and I really enjoyed it, and the world got the benefit of my knowledge of Google (it was built in a garage from Lego’ Did I REALLY say that?)

The search engine world is changing, and with it brings more need than ever for search engine optimisation and having been involved in Internet marketing and optimisation since before 1999 (the birth of Google),  I believe I offer a unique proven service in the following field of Search Engine Optimisation, and Internet Marketing.

I believe that sites should be the best they can be, a good site should convert its traffic, it should be instinctive to use, visitors shouldn’t have to think what to do, before they realise it, they should have taken the action you want them to take

I provide a range of services from a simple site report, to a full-on campaign. Prices for my SEO services range depending on many factors, such as size of site and competition. The more competitive a niche is, the harder it is to gain success. We are then faced with it either taking longer, or costing more.

I also provide packaged link building services, this is for people who can’t afford a full-on SEO package, or just want to improve/consolidate their rankings.

In any case, it costs nothing to ask, so if you want to chat to me then drop me an email, give me a call 01639-710132 . Or fill in the form on the left.