SEO Reports

Search Engine Optimisation Reports

Do you already have a website out there on the web for the world to see, but not many people are seeing it?

This is probably because your website has not been optimised correctly for the search engines.

Search engine optimisation is put simply, making your site the best it can be for both search engines, and your visitors alike.

Optimisation is a skill that can only be learned with time and study, it requires many hours spent researching the various ways in which the individual search engines require pages to be optimised to their best liking, trying out new ways to design, and learning what the search engines do not like, this can be a huge problem and is a trap that many fall into without realising.

Visitors however have another idea on website optimisation, they want it to load quickly, and they want to be able to find things quickly. It is the bringing together of both these viewpoints of optimisation that ensures your website will appear high up the search engine results pages.

You may have designed the website yourself, or you may have had a family member or friend to design it for you, we will not dream of criticising your reasons for doing this, nor would we down cry the results. What we do is to look at the website, making comment and suggestion that you can then either implement yourself, or have a friend/ family member implement for you, either way you can rest assured that you will have a website that will benefit fully from a quality in depth search engine optimisation report, together with a step by step plan.

This will save you having to pay us to make the changes, although we are happy to quote for this also. Fill in the form on the right.