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Search Engine Optimisation Old Welsh Guy Style

SEO is probably one of the most vague phrases ever coined, and  personally I hate it, as I certainly don’t think it describes what I do.  SEO is defined by wiki as getting better rankings, which is fine, but really for me SEO is all about Internet Marketing, and I consider myself an Internet marketer, and have far more interest in how much more successful my clients are financially, than what position they rank for a small sample of phrases.

For me, my job is simple. “make money for my clients”, and I do this by many tasks, one of which of course is better rankings. But ranking for what? Keyword research is the king and queen and holy grail of Internet Marketing, get that wrong and everything you do thereafter is wasted. Get it right, and you are on the right road.

So how can I make money for my clients?

Keyword research – find the right words
Keyword evaluation – make sure you are not chasing rainbows
Technical check – ensure there are no technical reasons why a site is not performing.
Competitor analysis – find out who the competitors are, and analyse their efforts
Traffic analysis – this is one of the best places to find out what is really going on, but also one of the most neglected
Link building – A cornerstone of ranking success done well it pays you, done badly it costs you.

Those are some of the simplest tasks I carry out.

SEO is commonly referred to as on page and off page.

On Page

This refers to all the boring stuff like page build and markup, but in a nutshell it refers to ensuring the search engines can acceess your content, and that it has been structured in the best way possible for them.  Equally important if not more-so, is that it works well for users. If people can’t find what they want instinctively and without having to think, they will leave, and take with them their money that they would and should have spent with you.  Usability is a key element of conversion (turning visitors into customers). It is a very important part of my SEO, because raising a conversion rate from 1% to 2% doubles sales, without bringing in a single extra visitor.

Off Page

Put simply this is link building, driving traffic and link juice to your pages to ensure they rank in the search engines.

My style of SEO is putting the bottom line earnings of the client first, it is a case of analyse, plan, implement,  Evaluate, repeat. SEO is an ongoing thing, and the evaluation of analytics plays a crucial part of internet success, traffic earns you noting unless it converts.

SEO Packages.

I offer a range of services from a full on package that includes everything from social media through to on site off site etc,  to a simple on off link building package. I am happy to act as a mentor to those who wish to learn skills for their own business, or for others.

I work on an exclusive basis, in that I will not work for competing businesses, as i don’t think it is possible to serve two masters.  I work on a monthly contract basis, because if you are not happy with my performance, why should I expect you to continue to pay me?

I have given some sample packages here. but please get in touch if you have any interest in knowing what I may be able to do to help you.