SEO Packages

Search Engine Optimisation Packages

There really is no set package for SEO, but many people need to know if my work is inside their budget.  SEO is a relative exercise, by which I mean that the success you attain depends on many factors.

Here are a list of factors that affect the results of SEO:

Competition – Obviously this is a big one, probably THE big one. the more competitive a phrase or niche is, the less effective the same unit of SEO will be.

– the more  ‘competitive’ keywords you target in your work, again the affect will be less.

Your Budget
–  Clearly twice as much spend, = more than twice as much effort, which will speed up the results. This is finite however and  a massive budget in a small competition area isn’t always good.

Competitor Budget
– this is often overlooked, if your competitors are doing more than you, then even though you are improving, they will improve faster, this is of course tied to budget.

On site & Off-site combined packages can range from £200 to £2000 per month. I really don’t take on clients with a larger monthly spend than £2000, but rarely is there a need.