Website Usability & Accessibility

Website Usability & Accessibility

Visitors enjoy using the web, and their visit to a website best when everything runs smoothly, when they can find the information they want quickly, do not have to scroll down large pages, and do not have to take headache tablets as a result of the colour scheme or graphics you have used. This is Website Usability, and it can be different for the various groups of potential customers for each website.

Usability is something that alters with the potential target market, it would be no use having a website heavily dependent on graphics, if your target market was the visually impaired.

Nor would text in a small font be suitable for a target audience of the over 50’s, all of this is about usability, appealing to the widest possible audience, and maximising return.

Navigation and content are king on the web, visitors want information, and information now, any delay or hurdle in the way could result in customers walking out the door to another website.

Usability is crucial for the success of any website, web designer who ignore how visitors can use their site do so at their peril, or more likely their customers peril.

Long pages force the user to move around on their desk to scroll, then having to scroll back up to find the navigation section to go to the next page, all of these problems should be considered before your website goes live on the web.

There is legislation in the UK and America that governs the design and accessibility for the Disabled user, and contrary to popular rumour, a site does not have to be totally different to comply with these laws.

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